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Who do I give the roses to?

fun and difficult

The "haha" game, waldo's is foolish at this, man. Thx you for doing a great job. 


Anal sex?


Where do you find the panties ?


On the tree with the baby


Hahaha your games are quite funny ^^ Can I make a few videos of it ? (knowing that I'm making a bit of ads revenues from that by posting on porn website)


Sure, you can check Perky Little Things as well.


I Need A Walkthrough To This Game Guys,


There should have been a ability to pet the dog


it's cute! wish there was a hint feature or guide though


It´s a short funny game, I like the art design and style

Very nice game!


Very funny and a good art!


Good game, thoroughly enjoyed it. Please make more!

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Спасибо за предновогодний угар) Играли всей семьей, особенно понравилось дедушке!

С уважением, редакция


Please, tell us if you like this game :)


can u tell me where's the vibrator?

that's the last thing that i did'nt found :(


i believe its outside on a windowsill