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I have this game on the Nintendo Switch and it is nice. I like the hidden events that can be found.

The touch function is annoying, though. Can you make a cursor that can be moved with the joy-stick?


Are there other ways to buy this than over Steam?

Is it possible that a Zoom-out feature could be added like in the original Christmas hidden object game?

I bought the linux version on Steam, and when I go into an episode, the mouse gets stuck in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, so I can't play the game :( . Does anyone have a fix/solution for this issue?


I can't download on Android? Can anyone help

I have a question about music theme in Erik The Red Dick Saga. Is it composed by Oleksandr Okuniev or another artist? And if the full version of it exist somewhere or if it's inspired by other song or theme? The first 10 second piqued my interest.

Awesome game :3
What program you use to create this game?

Do you mean engine? Then it's Defold.

Thank you.

is it good

I downloaded with the itch desktop app but it stalls at the end with an error.

The files are in-place and it can be manually started, but it does not mount in the launcher.

Anyone else have a problem with all the animations going overdrive? I have more then 1000fps all the time and every animation seem to go 3-4 times faster then it should. Dont know if they are connected, but the animation speed is very annoying. Even the menu is going crazy fast

Thanks for this issue, what's your system?

Well, im currently using win 7, but I have a feeling you need a bit more info then that?

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ok, we will check it, I have the same issue on a virtual machine
it looks like a driver issue,  please try apply VSync in NVIDIA drivers panel or update vide driver

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In theory yes, but where to release it? Google is not an option.

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We will consider it.

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Hello Kind Sirs! any chance to have full game on Android? or any way? if not - tell me, I will buy a netbook or some weak pc to play.. great job, BTW! 

F-Droid maybe, or use the F-Droid repo system and link your repo here