A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Perky Little Things is a hilarious 18+ adult cartoon hidden object game.

A story of naughty cherubim, who travels to different worlds and helps people to find some love.

Actually Perky Little Things is a full-format game based on Christmas Eve In MetropolisSo if you like that small free game - you won't be disappointed!

Incredibly fun levels, each one contains over 50 crazy animations:

  • Christmas Eve in Metropolis - done
  • School Of Black Magic - done
  • Pirates Of Southern Seas - done
  • From Transylvania With Love  - in progress
  • In a Black Hole Far Far Away - in progress
  • Vikings
  • Tropic Adventures
  • Fitness Club
  • TV Show
  • Wild West

... and maybe even more!

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Demo is availale


PLT_pc.zip 130 MB
PLT_osx.zip 132 MB
PLT_linux.zip 134 MB

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Anyone else have a problem with all the animations going overdrive? I have more then 1000fps all the time and every animation seem to go 3-4 times faster then it should. Dont know if they are connected, but the animation speed is very annoying. Even the menu is going crazy fast

Thanks for this issue, what's your system?

Well, im currently using win 7, but I have a feeling you need a bit more info then that?

(1 edit)

ok, we will check it, I have the same issue on a virtual machine
it looks like a driver issue,  please try apply VSync in NVIDIA drivers panel or update vide driver

Are there any plans for an Android port? This game seems perfect for touchscreens.


In theory yes, but where to release it? Google is not an option.

How about releasing it on Itch.io? It supports download monetization.


We will consider it.