You were a normal man, barely more than a boy, living in uneasy truce with your father and his new girlfriend. Were.

Now? Now you are a vampire, because you had the blood of monsters running through your veins, because your recently met benefactor, Vittoria Bosco, needs to raise an army. Because, just after achieving immortality, you are about to die.

Vittoria and her son, Lucca, are on the run from one of the big ones, one of the monsters who are no longer whispered about in the dark, because all that ever knew to fear him are dead or in his thrall. They stole an artifact from him, the Vial of the First Blood, and want to establish a clan, a powerbase that will allow them to challenge him.

Him, and the werewolf he has sent after them. Because one nightmarish monster wasn’t enough for you.

Meanwhile, it turns out normal vampires can’t turn any regular human into one of them, no, they need to have vampiric blood on their ancestry. That’s where you, and your mysterious ancestor, come in. Likewise, it appears they cannot breed like regular humans… Except for Lucca. Because he’s special.

Their plan? Their brilliant idea upon which your survival and that of your family rest? Vittoria will turn any human with vampiric blood into a Sanguinar, Lucca will fuck any vampire with a womb till he has bred his mother an army, and their possession of one of the most coveted artifacts of monsterkind will stay back the hand of any allies this “Julian Soreanu” has under his sway long enough that Vittoria will manage to ascend and become a Noble Vampire.

You don’t like their plan.

In this game, you will play as Bryan, a half-blooded vampire who had no idea about his vampiric lineage before Vittoria turned him. Now that his life has changed, Bryan must find his own way through the coming war. Will he try to save his friends? Or will the lure of using his newfound powers on them be too tempting?

  • enjoy a Dating Sim with a vampiric twist
  • explore a town full of secrets
  • meet hot girls and drink their blood
  • unlock 12 vampiric abilities and evolve from a Newborn to Nosferatu!
  • discover the mystery of your lineage
  • experience 100% UNCENSORED and animated sex scenes

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(54 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withDefold
TagsAdult, Dating Sim, defold, Erotic, NSFW, Slice Of Life, Story Rich, Vampire
Average sessionA few hours
LinksBlog, Homepage


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ShadowSprings v1.2 linux 1 GB
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ShadowSprings v1.2 342 MB
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Yea i also bought game un able to play

I'm looking forward to buying this game

I bought this online is there a way to play the full version without downloading? I have slow internet so it would help if i don't have to download

usually browser mode but I recommend downloading even if it takes awhile.

How do you raise stats? The only one I can figure out is empathy

Looks a lot like this game...

it's the same game bozo

plz add full version available now for all devices 

I'm gonna be honest Monica looks like Caitlyn Jenne.

Thank you for making a nice demo, after trying it out I was all in for buying the game. I am enjoying the story and the effort put in. I am looking forward to seeing other things you make!


just wanted to say thanks for the preview pics showing MMF :) 
i almost downloaded it without realising :/ 

Whats mmf

(1 edit)

comment is wrongly placed, it was supposed to be a standalone 'thanks' to the dev, not a reply to  posomog


unable to play purchased after playing demo, shows i purchased however only table to play demo. unable to click or open full version? i have an Oculus Quest an tried Quest browser and Firefox with same results. Any help would be much apreciated


please try to contact support


Support can't help with specific games, unless the issue is related to the site or app. If you offer the game with no warranty, you should say so. Thanks. See also: this forum topic.


He can't purchase\ download  the file because of unknown reason. What actually we can do with it? The only warranty we can provide is a free demo, so you can make sure the game is working on your device.


If the issue is with buying and/or downloading, then sure, it's an issue for support.

(1 edit)

Is this the game that was deleted from Steam?  I had played the demo and had it wishlisted. If yes, then what was the price going to be on Steam and how would you have released it? In chapters, or? Thanks.

This game won't be on Steam, as VALVE don't want it there.

So far we plan at least one extension.

What?! Why did Steam deny it? Porno visual novels are gettin' put up all the time on Steam. Not a big deal, I mean, I'll just buy it here, I love Lux games, but I'm honestly astounded they denied you guys. This seems almost vanilla compared to the Daz Ren'Py games they're allowing.


They likely declined it because they don't want to piss off the IP owners of the bloodline series

Definitely buying this one.


Can you maybe add the option to play in fullscreen? Maybe i just dont see it but i can only play in window mode in the full version.

We will try to add this in future updates


My game crashed on the third day morning when you have to go to the college for the first time. And are there and controls besides just click?

Os? Do you play demo or v1.2?
Does it work on web demo?

I'm on windows, I paid for v1.2, and it does wok on the web dem.


Please try PC_safe version.

Is there a way to get the full version?


With next update (we plan to add more content as well).

I tried to buy the full verision of Bloodlines of Shadow Springs, but there seems to be some error on the payment processing on's end. I can fill in my details and confirm the amount of tax, but then instead of asking me to put in my card info, it just turns into a "about:blank" page and the purchase stops. Sad noise

is this the full game that got banned on steam?


Are there any plans for a Linux version ?


Sure, will upload it soon.

Incredibly weird lol


Great renders, but how come still not m/m action in all your games? Would be hot if you could hunt boys and girls in this game...


No it wouldn't xD


I'll take a wild guess and say that the reason is the author is not into m/m

Deleted 1 year ago

I believe there are successful gay games,  but it's just not our thing.

I mean you need some experience with audience and domain knowledge, right? :) 


I don’t know how you came up with those 2%. Science and statistics talk about at least 4% of homosexual people and about 1/4 of potentially bisexual. And why talking about the countries, where you can get killed for it? Are they suddenly an example of good living? Are people happy in them and free to be who they want to be? They are slaves to their believes, traditions and religious dogmas. But even with all those strong tools of control over society, they are unsuccessful in economy.  So, why following their example?


25% of the human population is not bisexual, dude. That's one of the dumbest things I've read in a very long time.

(1 edit)

He said one fourth of the homosexual people, I believe you are the dumb one in this situation

"Science and statistics talk about at least 4% of homosexual people and about 1/4 of potentially bisexual."

That sentence reads as, science suggests 4% of the population is homosexual, and one-fourth of the population is bisexual. Unless you're suggesting that he's saying one-fourth of four percent, which is one percent, is bisexual? You think only 1% of the entire human population considers themselves bisexual, given 3.7% of women, just women, mind you, identified as bisexual in the National Human Growth survey? That's not even including dudes.

Listen, your name is very fitting, but just... do a little research. More than 1% (and far less than 25%) of the entire human population is bisexual, and good lord, much, much more than 1% of Lesbians and Gays consider themselves bisexual.