Spring Fling

Hello everyone, work is in progress!

Sci-fi level "In a Black Hole Far Far Away" is completed. Pretty complex and twisted, huh.. It won’t be easy to save the space princess from lusty reptilians  :)

Vampires is also almost done, but it sill needs some final touches and sound effects.

Wild West
Our answer to Red Dead Redemption! We are filling the level with details and characters.

Any suggestions how to name it? Leave  your comments below!

Extra Content
Meanwhile, we also work on materials that will be available in the Founders Edition. So far it’s a book with illustrations and a bunch of wallpapers. Maybe we can think up something else.

Wallpaper samples:
https://imgur.com/0i6TJXA    (NSFW)

Demo, feedback, discord
Thanks for your feedback! We have updated the demo to fix some issues and add “Safe For Work” mode (so you can post videos on youtube if you want to). But still not sure if the full game will have this mode.

Join us on discord server -  [url=https://discord.gg/6umfvv7]https://discord.gg/6umfvv7[/url]
We are working closely with Lesson Of Passion team for a long time, so we decided to have a common server.  More fun!

See you!

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